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c7 SEO don’t work with everyone. While we would love to do all we can to help you and see your business succeed, there are certain types of businesses we can not work with. These include:

  • Online businesses featuring ‘adult material’
  • Get right quick schemes
  • Businesses with a negative turnover resulting in non payment.
  • Businesses with a poor or unmanagable


All potential clients are required to submit the application form on this page. Once this form is submitted, we will take a look at your website and conduct an on and off page analysis. We will also analyse your keywords and project an estimate of the additional customers/visitors you will receive as a result of SEO.

We will also look at your competition and find out exactly what they are doing and you are not.

This will give us an excellent idea of what we need to do to get the very best out of your website and increase your reach.

All applications will be responded to within 72 hours.

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