Search Engine Experts

Each member of our team come from SEO mastermind groups. We always keep an eye on the industry.

Forward Thinking

What worked yesterday might not work today. We are always testing and analysing to ensure we get results.

Solving Problems

It’s easy to get frustrated when you’re not getting the best out of your business. We see your potential and we can help.

Up to Date Analytics

You’re never alone with c7 SEO. We provide you with monthly updates to make sure we’re heading in the right direction.

Ok, Lets Face It

In 2017, your online presence has never been more important. You need a brand and you need the growth required in order to succeed and compete.

Opening an office, practice or shop just isn’t enough to get the kind of return you need.

This is why digital agencies such as c7 SEO exist. We are dedicated to increasing our client’s online visibility and dominate competition. We want you to succeed. If you succeed, we succeed. We win, you win – and we like to win.

We will help you get found, gain more customers and grow.

Why does your business need search engine optimisation?

That’s easy. Have you ever been confused as to why your competitors websites show up higher on Google than yours does?

Well, that’s most likely because their site is better optimised and is therefore driving more traffic. If you are asking yourself this question, your competition has a better digital marketing strategy. Don’t worry though, there are things you can do to get some help and dominate your competition.


The importance of people finding you first

90% of people using a search engine like Google never go past page 1. This means if your site is on page 2 or higher, the chances of anyone visiting it is very low.

For example, the current monthly search volume for keywords “Estate Agents Belfast” is 2900 individual searches per month. This means you are missing out on almost 3000 visitors and potential clients and customers per month.

The bottom line is this – people need your business, people want your business. But if you aren’t on page 1, people can’t find you.

Want some free advice about how to improve your websites rankings?

Send us your name and e-mail and we will send you a free e-book with plenty of hints and tips you can put into action right now. We’re even running some webinars soon to give you some extra advice and tips. Join the list today.

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